Your Ticket To Thriving During Engagement!

Hey Lady! I know first-hand that keeping Christ at the center during wedding planning and engagement is difficult. Let's be real, sometimes Jesus seems like he is nowhere to be found at all.

Knowing this challenge, I have created the SC Devotional Blog Series and SC Devotional Newsletters to give you permission to step back from planning, and step closer to Christ. Not only will this series challenge you, it will allow God to continue molding your heart to be the woman and wife He is calling you to be. 

Through this series, I believe and pray He will:
  • Remind you whose you am & who you am
  • Challenge you with His truth
  • Help ensure faith is the bedrock of your life as a engaged / married woman
  • Give you the grace to start “working like it depends on us, but praying like it depends on God”
  • Teach you what it looked like to be a strong woman
  • Inspire you to dive deeper into how to live as a Proverbs 31 woman
Phew! And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Ladies, this monthly blog series and newsletter is FOR YOU. I created it with you in mind, that it may allow you the space to stop, drop to your knees, and give Christ the key to your heart again and again. So from a gal who is in your corner and on your team, I pray you consider signing up and give yourself the space to thrive with Christ during engagement!

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